Friday, June 29, 2007

It's that time...

I've never felt so broke in my entire life.

I just paid 3 months of rent (I pay quarterly), my Meralco and water bill, 3 of my 4 credit cards and, my mobile bill. I have almost nothing in my checking account. And about P10K to survive with until next payday... ARRRGGHHH...

Sometimes I wonder when I'd get out of this rut. Or IF I get out of this. Or better yet, HOW I'd get out of this. I feel so poor, I'm grasping at anything that could ease up my life. I may have to eat salad for the rest of the year.

At least, I'd maintain my waistline.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something to Gnaw on

Folks, this is my lunch. For health and budget reasons, I have resorted to eating like a rabbit. It's bad enough I have to eat it, what's worse is I have to start my morning chopping whatever that went in there.

That is why I was late... for a client presentation.

My account manager was fervently calling on my mobile to ask for my location while I was struggling to get a cab in this blistering Makati heat with print ads AND this salad in tow. I arrived on the 3rd slide of the powerpoint and just thanked my lucky stars that I was last on the agenda. I kicked the lunch box under my seat (nakakasira kasi ng porma, naka-Zara pa man din ako ngayon) then presented my stuff.

Now this client is known to nit-pick little details. But on that presentation, the stars must have aligned. They approved everything on the first pass, One client even said "see, I'm not that difficult!" And while I was quizzing myself on the fact why there were NO REVISIONS (so far, keeping fingers crossed) I was back to my office in less than an hour -- With my salad.

The herb vinaigrette is waayy too sour. I don't think I should have this again.
But the day sure is sweet. :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The First Post

DOWNSIDE: I had a mouthsore. A painful one. It's on the inside of my lower lip, and its causing me to drool when I sleep.

UPSIDE: My lips now look like Angelina Jolie's. Yeay!