Tuesday, August 14, 2007


UPSIDE: People mistook me for a very educated Japanese American with an L.A. valley girl accent, thereby sealing a preconception that I must be a sophisticated, cosmopolitan woman.

DOWNSIDE: Except for being educated, I am not any of these. And I'm not comfortable being in a social circle that only accepts me because they thought of me differently. Like, "she can't be pinay, because she doesn't project 3rd world".

The international community would often perceive Pinays to be either dowdy, or if they put on some bling they must be hookers. Only the mestizas and Eurasians can get away with flash. That's Manila for you. Perceptions haven't changed since the Spanish Era of colonial brain washing.

But globally, cultures are accepting change and cities are becoming diverse. So to some, my own eurasian look and accent are misleading, but to others, these are just manifestations of being a global citizen. One who works in an international community therefore must have the look (and in my case, accent) that is acceptable and understandable.

I am Pinoy as one can be, with an improved system and packaging.


jorge said...

You know what, good for you. Perceptions may not have changed much since the Spanish era, but it's still changing. Having a well-developed sense of self-worth as a Filipino goes a long way towards helping to make that change.

atleastimgorgeous said...

Glad you agree. And self-improvement is key. People need to learn to project themselves well, dress up well, behave well, and work damn hard. If it improves one's image as a Filipino, it just might rub off some good on the country as well.