Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Losing Innocence

With the brouhaha over Disney girl Vanessa Hudgens, I would say she's not the only one who lost her innocence.

Last week, my daughter clicked the Internet Explorer icon and out came the MSN homepage. And on the headlines, she read DISNEY BACKS VANESSA HUDGENS NAKED PHOTO. As she was reading the article, she asked a barrage of questions:
Mom, isn't she the girl in high school musical?
She has a photo with no clothes on?
Oh, she wanted to give her photo to a boy... To Zack?
Is he her boyfriend?
Do boys like it when they see girls naked?"

Not really wanting to lie, I just answered as matter-of-factly as I could.
I don't know.
The last question, though I struggled, I answered Yes.

Ohmigawd. I am totally unprepared for the day that she would ask sensitive questions about sex. But I'd rather she asked me, than go off researching on the net.

"Mom, I feel bad".
"Because I thought she was a good girl".
"Well, it doesn't mean that she's a bad person, baby. People make mistakes. Her mistake was not thinking of consequences".

Sandra did look disillussioned. Nobody likes to see their idol defamed. It's as bad as the Jollibee Mascot sex video joke.

"Mommy, anyway... how did her boobies look like?
That I didn't answer.


Denis said...

Great blog! I'll keep checking in...

Anonymous said...

From the posts I've read that regarded your daughter - I'm kind of jealous. I wish, in some ways, my mother was able to provide more for me, in terms of moral and cultural, societal and etc. support throughout my childhood. Anyways, kudos. It's cool your daughter can ask you those kinds of questions. Whenever I did as a kid, my mother would kind of shy away from the topic all together.

Cheers for now!

atleastimgorgeous said...

Moms are human, and contrary to the saying, we don't always know best. I feel humbled with your words because I don't really know if I am connecting a 100%, but I do try. Thanks, Soul.

George said...

I gotta say, I'm very impressed Lisa.. I don't think i'll ever be able to handle this as well as you did..
Soul is right you do have an amazing relationship with Sandra, by far more functional then what I had with mine...
I look forward to reading many more posts like this :)