Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Ad Congress Parade

Last week, we all trooped to Subic for the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress. So aside from the conventions and the awards, the highlight of the event is the PARADE OF AGENCIES. Each agency represented an endangered specie or medium in this changing world. I got "volunteered" to be one of the mannequins for our presentation.
DOWNSIDE: I was forced to wear a white cat suit for the parade, and I couldn't refuse.
UPSIDE: My undies never showed, We won first prize, and when I showed this to my daughter, she thought I was pretty cool.

Here are some of the parade participants:

THEME: Death of Radio

THEME: Death of the Landline

THEME: Death of Snail Mail

THEME: Death of Asian Culture

THEME: Death of Haute Couture
CREDITS: Monica of McCann

Us performing on stage. In case anyone's wondering, I'm the second girl from the left.

The winning pose! I'm on the furthest left.

After the parade, posing with the giant cheque prize, which isn't so giant considering it got covered by someone's head dress.


Anonymous said...

omg i love it. but why were you off to the left and not in the middle of the circle? you shoulda gone for a powergrab and knocked that hoochie outta your way!

congrats on winning! must have been a sweet victory.

George said...

What?!?! Why is Haute Couture Endangered ??? When did this happen ?? Waaaaaa I'm so behind the times, I have to write my congressman or call him on the telephone.. LOL .. but seriously, when did Haute Couture become endangered ??

atleastimgorgeous said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Soul. Unfortunately, I am neither overly confident, nor less than 100 pounds. I'm surprised enough that I got a part in the first place! This is the closest I'll ever be to becoming a showgirl. LOL

Oh George, you are such a guy. he he :-) But I guess, haute couture (custom design)usually gets mistaken with pret-a-porter (designer ready-to-wear). The latter makes more money so more designers opt to go RTW. As for couture, the only time anyone ever gets to see them is during some fancy awards night, like the Oscars or Grammys. The designers make the one-off pieces just for show. But in reality, their ateliers in Paris/Milan are worth nothing compared to what they make from the casual RTW lines in China or South America. It's not a bad thought really, not as much as the extinction of whales. What's the point in owning a one-of-a-kind dress if it's worth more than a car? I need to eat too, you know. And for that reason, I can accept that my 7 for all mankind jeans must be 1 in 10,000. Haute has ceased to be hot.